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SILVR - the product of the future! It’s completely unbelievable, but the cigarette satisfies your need for freedom. Get to know what’s the best of an e-cigarette thanks to SILVR.

SILVR equals quality and freedom.
It looks and tastes like
the traditional cigarette.


The starter includes 5 replaceable cartridges, an elegant, grey cigarette and one supplementary electronic battery. There is no need to worry about used cartridge, just replace it with a new one. One cartridge is enough for 250 puffs!

Multifunctional packaging

SILV packaging also includes the charger and cartridges in a safe position. To make such a packaging, smooth plastic has been used. What’s more, the size of packing stays the same as the traditional one.

Designed to please you

E-cigarette hasn’t given you so much pleasure yet. The latest lithium-ionic technology of a battery and easy assembly are designed to quick and long-term usage. High quality materials used in an elegant, grey packaging guarantee extreme pleasure from smoking.

Set content


Replaceable cartomizers with different concentration levels and flavors to choose.


Elegant, grey, lithium-ionic battery.


SILVR packaging – safe storage of e-cigarette.


Resistant and safe charger with 230V tension.


5 flavors with different concentration.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


“Finally, there’s normal looking e-cigarette. No difference between the traditional packaging of cigs. Elegant packaging caught my friends’ attention. Thanks to SILVR I feel free, I can relax literally everywhere, no need to wonder if I’m in a smoker-friendly place. What’s more, while smoking I don’t have to worry about the negative effect of cigarettes on my friends’ health any longer. It’s so important especially when I smoke when my daughter is around. E-cigarette is the perfect solution for me.”

“I’ve tried plenty of e-cigarettes and none of them was so perfect as SILVR. It has several flavors, I chose the best for me. Moreover, I could pick flavor’s intensity. Now smoking gives me much more pleasure when compared to traditional cigarettes, or even to other e-cigarettes used before SILVR. Packaging and e-cigarette on its own look exclusive, so SILVR is good for a present, too. I know what I’ll buy for the Father’s day!”

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Extra pack of cartridges - 6 $

(one pack includes 5 cartridges)


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  • Effectiveness guarantee

    SILVR was made of the best quality materials, which guarantee permanence and reliability. The asset of our product is also the accuracy of workmanship. When buying SILVR, you can be sure that smoking will be 100% pleasure again.

  • Safety

    With SILVR you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals and dangerous tar.

  • Confidentiality

    We respect your privacy - we neither share your personal information nor sell it.

  • Discretion

    Ordered goods will be packed into a discrete, grey box and delivered to the address you have provided by a reputable courier service. After you make the order, the company will inform you when the shipment will be delivered, which is to ensure that it gets straight to you. To protect your privacy, we don't send orders through the post.

  • For everybody

    SILVR is suitable for smokers wishing to have a genuine pleasure from smoking whenever and wherever they really want. Smoke and unpleasant smell aren’t your concern any more.


  • Pay now - 25 $

    After placing the order, you will be redirected to the system, where you will be able to pay by credit card. Ordered goods will be sent to you immediately after the money shows up on our account. Order processing time is up to 2 working days.

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